The nation of Amacori once covered nearly the entire Western half of the continent Merceranious and a vast array of of islands that lined its Northern, Southern, and Western coasts. Some of the more notable locations in Amacori include Phade’s Mountains the second largest mountain range on Merceranious, the Gashop River (Amacori’s longest and most important river, the Whisperpine Woods, and Lake Jacob.


Until the Great Ravage, about 100 years ago, Amacori was the most populous and powerful nation in Merceranious. For nearly 1000 years before the Great Ravage Amacori was ruled by the royal family of Mindaugas. During the rule of the Mindaugas family Amacori only saw minor wars with it’s neighbor Vandali. The Amacorian nation was also the center for the Pelor religion.

Modern Times

Currently the nation of Amacori is in tatters and the bloodline of it’s royal family is broken. The area is currently controlled by five lich lords and dozens of orc warlords all of whom are constantly fighting one another to gain control of more land in the ruins of Amacori. There are no civilized areas of Amacori and is considered a highly dangerous area to even enter. Along Amacori’s boarder with Vandali there are camps full of murderers, theives, and many other degenerates that have fled the law of Vandali.


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