Numata is a small farming city

Numata was once ruled by Listese and is part of the Mizu Clan. It is located next to the Honden Marsh, a very fertile area of land that produces much of the areas rice. Because it’s large rice production and close proximity to Kaiko Machi it is a prosperous albeit small city.

Numata is ruled by a Vadalian governor.

Numata draws its name from the vast rice paddies that surround the village, rice paddies that provide food for the surrounding area. The ground here is relatively solid for the Marshes. The village sits atop a rocky rise. Its huts planted firmly upon the ground instead of being raised on stilts above marshland, as is common elsewhere in the region. Orcs, humans, and half-orcs work together in the nearby paddies or pass along the main street.


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