Vandali is the nation that holds nearly all of the Eastern half of Merceranious, and many islands along its coast. It’s capital and largest city, Himnas, is on the North Eastern edge of the nation. It has the total human population of 1,100,000,000. With 54% Vandalian, 30% Listese, and 16% being Amacorian. It also has a very large elf and dwarf populations, along with smaller gnome and halfling populations.


The earliest recorded history of Vandali is that of it’s first king, Cyril the Bear. Cyril united the northern Vandali tribes under a single banner. Cyril’s eldest son Ilya trained the Vandali people to be great warriors and began what is known as the Hidorino kuma war. The war, which lasted over 400 years was raged all across the Eastern half of Merceranious as the Vandali people slowly conquered the Listese nation. It was King Kivan that finally conquered the last Listese city, thus ending the war and ensuring Vandali as the world’s second most powerful nation. Since the end of the Hidorino kuma war Vandali has rarely ever seen extended periods of peace. The Vandali governments strict rules against it’s minority groups, especially its Elvish and Listese groups, has caused several civil wars and uprisings.

Current Era

Since the fall of Amacoria Vandali is both the largest and most powerful nation in the world.


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